Dan Zabel Trading is an Ag Chemical (crop protection products) broker service. We find crop protection products by request of our customers, or move products at the request of our vendors.

We have contacts stretching from the west coast to the east coast. Many of our vendors end up being some of our best customers, and some of our customers end up being our best vendors. It’s a wild world out there as many of you know. We take possession of products and re-sell. We operate on low margins and fast turn-around for payment to our vendors and demand the same from our customers. All prices we quote are delivered to your doorstep. All products we buy are FOB vendors origin.

We ship “blind”, meaning our customers and vendors never see each other on paperwork. We pride ourselves in our confidentiality. Your business is YOUR business, and we will not talk about who or where we source product from.

We don’t make crop recommendations. However, we may offer a generic alternative. Most of the time we ship like-new product. No broken seals.

We feel that we are here as a tool for your business management. We won’t be able to help you with everything all the time, and we will be honest about what we can do.

We enjoy having personal contact with our many clients. Emails are good, but a good old-fashioned phone call is preferred. We appreciate you checking out our website and look forward to doing good business together.

Dan Zabel